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Learning about ourselves and learning about the world are as connected as fish is to chips*, Ant is to Dec and a car journey is to hours and hours of tedious bickering (she did sit in the front seat last time though!)

Get those creative juices flowing by seeing the world in a quirky way. Here's something I spotted in a field this week...



Why did the chicken cross the road? Because there was more memorable learning on the other side! 🐔



It's true. I'm a secret biscuit dunker! The mighty Hobnob is the king of the biscuit, and don't get me started on those Rich Tea monstrosities constantly having to be fished out from the bottom of the cup with a teaspoon.



Over a third of children in the UK have witnessed hate speech online. How can we create a more tolerant world with more open-minded and accepting learning?

One of my learners is creating her very own magazine with me. She's passionate about 'The Sims' game, so naturally that's what the magazine's about too!

Yesterday, one of my learners told me that if she didn't get 80% or more on a test, her teacher would put her put in detention. Is this support or is this coercion?

I believe the greatest motivator in learning is passion. Whether you love or whether you hate, you will be inspired to discover.

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When I was a teaching assistant in primary schools, there were 3 very enjoyable things that I wanted to focus on more as an English tutor.

The national curriculum is one big memory test. That's great for people with good memories but is it real learning? How much of what you learned at school can you remember today?

This week's TEACH ME TUESDAY is about how the news can help boost young people's literacy. I know we're all 'newsed out' at the moment, but this is a fun activity that can have some really positive developments.

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