Lucy, Shoreham

Parent - Year 4 to Year 6

Ryan is a great support to my 9 year old son. He keeps him entertained and engaged throughout the 45-min weekly sessions they have together. Ryan comes up with different games to encourage learning across spellings and also times-tables which my son loves!

Kirsty, Storrington

Parent - Year 3 to Year 4

Our son's confidence in his English ability was improved by working with Ryan, who helped him to enjoy his work. Thank you Ryan!

Claire, Online Lesson

Parent - Year 4 to Year 6

Ryan has been tutoring Josh since lockdown and his sessions are always fun, interesting and informative.

   Ryan has been an absolute saviour during this difficult and unpredictable time. He is polite, punctual and has an ability to hold Josh's attention throughout sessions.

   We would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to help improve their child's learning.

Phoebe, Burgess Hill

Parent - Year 3 to Year 4

My young kids have been getting Ryan's weekly online lesson for a year and that would be the proof that he definitely knows how to make the children engage to learning process.

   I really appreciate his gentle and patient approach with big smile toward kids and am so pleased whenever I see them paying full attention during lesson.

   Lessons are well structured upon the kids' level and progress. Moreover, diligent feedbacks after each lesson gives me clear idea where my kids are in. 

   He has so much helped my kids to improve English so far, and I therefore highly recommend Ryan.

Katharine, Worthing

Parent - Year 11

Ryan provided English tuition to our 15 year old son for several weeks on the lead up to his mocks. 

   Although confident in other subjects such as maths, science and engineering, he had been struggling with English, and we were concerned he would end up having to retake his GCSE having only achieved a 1 in his pre-match exam.

   Ryan is a gentle, kind and patient tutor who is clearly passionate about his subjects and helping his students reach their goals.

   He managed to coach our son, encouraging him, challenging him and getting him engaged and actually enjoying the work.

   Through Ryan's tutoring and support, our son went from a clear 'fail' with his English language to achieving a 7 in his mock result. A huge relief considering that now, having not been able to take his GCSE's this year like all his year, because of Covid19, his GCSE English grade will be reliant on the Mock result and his teacher's assessment.

   His teacher had commented at the time how much of a difference she had seen in our son's attitude, understanding and confidence and we attribute a large amount of that to the help he received from Ryan.

   Thank you Ryan for your patience and tenacity with Douglas. The results speak for themselves.

Paul, Worthing

Parent - Year 7 to Year 8

Ryan has been tutoring my daughter who is in Year 7 for approximately 6 months now.

   The sessions are once a week and had been face to face up until lockdown. The sessions are now via zoom. 

   Ryan ensures the sessions are structured and he sets homework to compliment the learning. My daughter's English language and creative thinking has improved vastly. She enjoys her sessions. I would highly recommend Ryan.

Lala, Online Lesson

Parent - Year 6

Ryan has been a brilliant tutor for my 11 year old son. Before working with Ryan, he didn't like writing and couldn't express his thoughts on paper well. Ryan helped him to build his confidence and also helped him to get prepared for SAT's especially with grammar which my son was struggling with.

Now he enjoys writing stories and I enjoy reading them^^ Thank you Ryan! 

Picking my jaw up from the floor is a brilliant consequence of helping children to write!