A Little About Me

I've been inspiring children to write stories & poems in Steyning, Shoreham & Henfield for the last 5 years. And previously as a TA in West Sussex schools.

I have oodles of literacy knowledge and a degree in English Literature & Education.

I also have dyslexia training from the Bristol Dyslexia Centre. It's not my specialism, but it does mean my teaching is now clearer and more engaging than ever.

Where did it begin?

Once upon a time, in the early 2000s, my teacher at secondary school had given the class a job aptitude test. Looking through my results, (chief pencil sharpener? Too dull. Loch Ness Monster handler? Too unlikely) I noticed a career that really interested me - primary school teacher.

Inspired to achieved two As in GCSE English literature and English language, I took English language at college, and then studied for a degree in English literature & education at university.

What happened next?

At this point I realised that while I still wanted to educate young minds, a role as a class teacher might not be the career for me. I spent the next year volunteering as a classroom assistant, which I loved. Then, in the intervening years, I worked as a 1:1 teaching assistant in primary schools.

I developed my empathy and listening skills working alongside children with a range of SEN. I made so much progress with my 1:1 students and created such a lovely bond with them that I continued to work with those same children for another year.

I realised that I would love to dedicate more time to helping children access learning in an exciting way and that tutoring would give me the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Where are we now?

It's now 2024 and it seems lots of children are now behind in their literacy due to a pesky pandemic. Getting students re-engaged and excited to learn is a priority for me and it's a joy to help them achieve their creative writing potential.

I'm pleased to be tutoring in your home again, in my hometown of Upper Beeding and the surrounding areas of Steyning, Henfield and Shoreham. If you live further afield, then it's a couple of clicks and we'll be connected for a lesson on Zoom.