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My Year 5 students and I have been getting creative and crafting our own rap songs. We've been inspired by the incredible MC Grammar! 🎤

Ryan's Rhymes


You can now find a selection of my rhymes all in one place. Honest!

I had an idea at Christmas. I would find a way that students can look back and see their achievements and progress.

I'm creating some fun and festive writing activities today. I love that dabbing snowman!

I've always loved coming up with creative ideas, but I've not always had the confidence to share them. So what changed?

Yesterday, one of my lizard-loving learners (who "hates school") had tonnes of fun with poetry. We planned a poem based on Brian Moses' energetic 'Walking with my Iguana', and he almost didn't realise he was learning all about adverbs and adjectives along the way! 🦎

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Getting creative with their thoughts helps children to understand their feelings, and reading poems helps them to understand other people's experiences too.

Tongue-twisters and rhyming couplets are not only fun but they encourage children to use their creativity and become vocab wizards.

Tutoring shouldn't be like school. It should be a fun way to boost your child's skills with games and activities that put them at the heart of the lesson. When they're enjoying the learning and feel like they're making progress, your child's confidence will grow before they know it. The hardest part for them will be having to put their...

My jokes might induce groans rather than chuckles but I love laughter in our lessons! It makes my students feel more relaxed; they enjoy the lessons more; and most of all, it's been proven to bolster their memory and recall. How great is that?

You might have noticed that your child has lots of brilliant ideas but finds it difficult to start writing. In this case, your child could benefit from a tutor that will share a good selection of stories to inspire their plan, and give them time to draw their ideas (this is a great stepping stone from their thoughts to their writing). ...

If it feels like your child is falling behind at school, then it's a good sign they'll thrive at a pace that's right for them. Sometimes punctuation and grammar can be a stumbling block (I'm looking at you 'expanded noun phrases'!) A writing tutor should allow your child's creativity to sparkle whilst helping your child to boost their knowledge in...

I saw him wincing as he wrote his first line of ideas. "Does it hurt when you write?" I asked. "Of course," Sam replied. He believed that handwriting was a painful activity they made you do at school.

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