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Did you know 'snottgogs' is the name for yew berries in the Sussex dialect?

I bring to you a little bit of Jadesola's song that she wrote in her last tutoring lesson before the Summer Holidays. It's written to the tune of Beyonce's Single Ladies !

Lucy's review


Thanks Lucy, it's lovely to hear how much he's enjoying the lessons!

The nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is based on a true story. The girl in the rhyme is Mary Sawyer who, as a young girl, hid her pet lamb in a basket under her desk after it followed her to school. The rhyme was later written down, as a poem, by one of her classmates.

With a sprinkle of inspiration and a spark of confidence, children can realise the great stories in their heads. It's true - I've seen it many times!

My students enjoy a special moment to share their successes with me, called 'Blow Your Own Trumpet' time. Parents tell me they love it because it boosts their self-esteem. 🎺

Alex planning his "hunt for honey badgers". He was so excited to search for them with his friend in his local English park. He told me how he'd learned from Steve Backshall that honey badgers are of one the 60 most deadly animals in the world! I admire your bravery, Alex! 🔎

Krish was drinking a very healthy vitamin drink. He claimed it gave him magical powers and then pretended to read my mind! 🧙

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When I was a teaching assistant in primary schools, there were 3 very enjoyable things that I wanted to focus on more as an English tutor.

The national curriculum is one big memory test. That's great for people with good memories but is it real learning? How much of what you learned at school can you remember today?

This week's TEACH ME TUESDAY is about how the news can help boost young people's literacy. I know we're all 'newsed out' at the moment, but this is a fun activity that can have some really positive developments.

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