SATs Booster Lessons

The Year 6 SATs really shouldn't be something to worry about, but lots of children are naturally feeling a little bit nervous about them....

That's why I've created these special SATs Booster lessons - jam-packed with fun games and activities to boost your child's grammar, punctuation, and reading skills.

It's all about creating a positive mindset and showing kids that they've got this!

Lesson Details

Date: Monday 8th - Friday 12th April

Location: Your home in Steyning, Henfield & Shoreham (or online)

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: £ 30 per booster lesson

Katharine, West Sussex

"Ryan managed to coach our son, encouraging him, challenging him and getting him engaged and actually enjoying the work.

His teacher had commented at the time how much of a difference she had seen in our son's attitude, understanding and confidence and we attribute a large amount of that to the help he received from Ryan.

Thank you Ryan for your patience and tenacity with Douglas. The results speak for themselves."

Lala, Online Lesson

"Ryan helped my son to build his confidence and also helped him to get prepared for SAT's.

Ryan has been a brilliant tutor for my 11 year old son. 

Before working with Ryan, he didn't like writing and couldn't express his thoughts on paper well.

Now he enjoys writing stories and I enjoy reading them^^ Thank you Ryan!"