Can you work out who the intruder is before it's revealed?

Something's Brewing

Alarm sounds,

Heart pounds,

Break in!

Is it him?

Not alone...

He's in my home!

There he is,

By the fridge!

Slumped across the sandwiches.

In a slumber,

In my jumper,

Beard anest with chopped cucumber.

Sherry bottle by his side and

An empty box of spiced mince pies,

How could I make my friends believe

The sight I saw this Christmas Eve?

An eyelid opens,

He clears his throat,

Confused and queasy,

Misbuttons his coat.

I wonder…

Is he ready for this worldwide trip?

(With just the faintest waft of sick),

When these words slur from the old man's lips:

"Happy Christmas to all!"

and a "Ho Ho… hic!"

Ryan Cannell