Personal Discovery


Learning about ourselves and learning about the world are as connected as fish is to chips*, Ant is to Dec and a car journey is to hours and hours of tedious bickering (she did sit in the front seat last time though!)

When we start finding out what makes us tick, it shapes how we interact with the world around us. If we have a love of animals, for example, it goes without saying that we'll find pleasure in activities and learning that involve them.

It works the other way too. We can learn more about who we are by how we react to different events. Perhaps seeing an injustice in the world has brought about a new sense of action for you or maybe becoming a parent has awoken feelings of unbridled devotion?

I believe that this is what education should do too. Learning that is both personalised for every child and which inspires them to follow their own journeys of discovery.

Plus, they get to sit in the front seat every time.

How has a personal discovery shaped your view of the world?