3 Reasons I Love Tutoring


When I was a teaching assistant in primary schools, there were 3 very enjoyable things that I wanted to focus on more as an English tutor.

1.  To help children with their learning (no surprises there!)

I relish giving students my undivided time to boost their knowledge, fill-in gaps and help them to be in the best place to learn.

2.  To inspire a love of English

English can be fun (gasp!) … when it celebrates children's creativity and not just taught to a test. We all love songs, quizzes and games, which is why my lessons are jam-packed with them.

3.  To make meaningful learning

It's incredible to see young folks flourish when they feel valued and included in their learning. That's why I include their interests, their passions and their goals at every step.

If they love space, there'll be a smattering of rockets and aliens; if they want to be a racing driver, it'll be high octane stories and sports cars; if they want to be a quantum theorist... well, I might have to Google that one first!