Talking Tigers Book Club 🐯

Where children discuss books that they actually love, not the dusty old tomes that adults think they should!

This is not the boring book club that you might have tried once, this is all about FUN FUN FUN! There'll be games and exciting activities and best of all, your child will get to choose a book that they actually want to read.

It's led by me, but this is their club where they can share their thoughts and come up with ideas for activities that they would enjoy.

It's not homework, it's a celebration of reading!

When is it?
Lower Key Stage 2   TBC
Upper Key Stage 2 •  TBC

How much does it cost?
£5 a meeting (over Zoom) •  40 minutes

What can I expect?

  • Exciting book they'll love
  • Activities and games
  • A fun group of like-minded children
  • Online meetings over Zoom

How big is each group?

Each group is of up to 5 children.

Don't worry if the groups are full though as more times will soon be added.