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Did you know 'snottgogs' is the name for yew berries in the Sussex dialect?

I bring to you a little bit of Jadesola's song that she wrote in her last tutoring lesson before the Summer Holidays. It's written to the tune of Beyonce's Single Ladies !

What Makes Me Tick? 

As a school teaching assistant, I was constantly amazed by how creative and innovative children can be.

But... there just isn't enough time for it in the school curriculum! 😱

That's why I love dedicating my afternoons to helping young folks' imaginations flourish.

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Claire, Rotherham

Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6 parent

Ryan is wonderful! He became our lockdown hero and Joshua looked forward to all his sessions.

Ryan has the ability to hold attention, and is kind, patient and fun.

We hope to use Ryan again in the future. Cannot recommend him enough. 

Phoebe, Burgess Hill

Year 1 and Year 3 parent

My young kids have been getting Ryan's weekly online lesson for a year.

I really appreciate his gentle and patient approach with big smile toward kids and am so pleased whenever I see them paying full attention during lesson.

Lessons are well structured upon the kids' level and progress. Moreover, diligent feedbacks after each lesson gives me clear idea where my kids are in.

He has so much helped my kids to improve English so far, and I therefore highly recommend Ryan.

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If you'd like to discuss tutoring for the summer holidays or in September - I'd love to have a chat with you about it!