What is Reimagined Learning?

My values for 21st century learning

It's enjoyable: my learners love playing games, quizzes and songs to help them to learn. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

It's empowering: my learners are given the opportunity to create a project of their own to challenge themselves and then self-assess their learning with my guidance and mentoring.

It's child-centred: as an alternative to one-size-fits-all learning, my learners' individual efforts, achievements and goals are valued over grades alone.

No two kids ever take the same path. Few are remotely similar. Each child is so unique, so exceptional." Piaget

It celebrates creativity: my sessions have a large emphasis on creative writing. I share the most interesting stories, poems and ideas with my learners to inspire them to create the best learning they can achieve.

It encourages critical thinking: my learners are free to think more deeply about their learning by having the opportunity to ask questions, express their opinions and to problem-solve.

It values curiosity: my learners are equipped with the tools to pursue lifelong learning by having the freedom to explore topics and ideas that they are curious about.