'The Wreck of the Zanzibar' by Michael Morpurgo


As it's International Literacy Day, I thought I'd share a book that I've just finished reading. It's 'The Wreck of the Zanzibar' by Michael Morpurgo.

I remember first reading this book in class when I was in Year 5 and it has been swimming around my mind in the succeeding years. Re-reading it recently, I was delighted to discover that it's as emotive and thought-provoking as it was when I was 10 years old.

It's a beautifully written story, to be expected from Michael Morpurgo - the author of 'War Horse', creating tension between hope & despair and dreams & survival. The depth of characters really makes this interesting as you join the protagonist and her family on an emotional journey belying the book's 100 pages.

Exploring both the destruction and the beauty of nature, and the importance of family and the community, this novel has remained a firm favourite, and one I'm looking forward to reading again. I highly recommend this one.

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