Favourite book?

This one's difficult! My first thought is the tense To Kill a Mockingbird, but then I really enjoyed Room by Emma Donaghue which was amazingly gripping. At the moment I'm reading Broken Crayons by Nick Davis, a novel about a psychotherapist in Brighton; it's set near to where I live so it's fun to pick out all the places I know.

My favourite books to read as a child were Harry Potter ⚡ (a story about a boy and his magical powers), Artemis Fowl (another story about a boy and his magical powers), and The Wreck of the Zanzibar (not a story about a boy and his magical powers!)

Favourite subject?

Is this a trick question? English of course! 😂 It would have been funny to study English literature at university and not to have liked English a tiny bit!

Also, if I went on Mastermind, I'd pick Pet Shop Boys as my topic - I know all there is to know about them!

Favourite TV show?

I love a good comedy (that's me in the pink wig, by the way!) I've been laughing at Frasier since I was at school (not non-stop though that would just be silly! 😃) I wrote a script at college, using the characters and setting of Frasier - my tutor mistakenly thought I'd copied an actual episode though (thanks, I think, Mrs McGivney!)

Favourite food?

I love a casserole with dumplings, it's impossible for my mouth not to water when I smell that in the oven (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!) For dessert, it's got to be apple crumble with custard. Honourable mentions to fudge, Turkish Delight and Twiglets.

Any hobbies?

I love music: I listen to it, I dance to it, and I create it. I also enjoy writing poems and sharing them with my poetry club at the Chequers in Steyning. I give cooking a good go too - practise makes perfect, right?

I took this snap in the countryside above Upper Beeding. I think it almost looks like two different seasons!

Favourite lessons so far?

So many to choose from! The funniest was writing Edward Lear style nonsense poetry. Then there was the lesson editing a magazine about The Sims with a self-confessed Sims super-fan! And one of the most fascinating lessons was a debate on whether imagination makes human beings unique. How varied is that?

A surprising fact about me?

Hmm, a surprising fact... oh how about this one? I rang the bells at Jamie Theakston's wedding! For those old enough to remember, he was the presenter of Live and Kicking with Zoe Ball. I've been a bell-ringer since I was 11 and I jumped at the chance to ring for this one. Especially, as I later found out, his guests included footballer Ian Wright and David Walliams!