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Ryan Cannell (BA Hons)

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šŸ‘  motivating Key Stage 2 English sessions celebrating & inspiring creativity,

šŸ‘  an experienced online tutor encouraging critical thinking,

šŸ‘  one-to-one mentor valuing effort and personal goals over grades?

My Missions

Boosting creativity through curiosity & critical thinking

Working in schools, I saw how creative and innovative children are, but I was disheartened to see it squeezed out of their school curriculum.

That's why I celebrate imagination with creative writing, thought-provoking discussions and inspiring stories and poems.

Placing children at the heart of their learning

I plan each lesson around my students' interests & goals, and create fun and personalised learning with games, quizzes and songs.

Iā€™m always thrilled to see how well learners flourish when they can feel valued and included. 

I believe that a lifelong love of learning is the most valuable gift a student can be given. It sets them up for a successful and fulfilling future.

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It's true. I'm a secret biscuit dunker! The mighty Hobnob is the king of the biscuit, and don't get me started on those Rich Tea monstrosities constantly having to be fished out from the bottom of the cup with a teaspoon.

Jul 15


Over a third of children in the UK have witnessed hate speech online. How can we create a more tolerant world with more open-minded and accepting learning?

I love helping a child to create the most imaginative and breath-taking fiction. Having to pick up my jaw from the floor is a delightful consequence!


Claire, Rotherham (Yorkshire)

Year 4 / Year 5 parent

"Ryan's sessions are always fun, interesting and informative.

He has an ability to hold Josh's attention throughout sessions.

We would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to help improve their child's learning."

Katherine Rose, Rustington (Sussex)

Year 11 parent

"Ryan is a gentle, kind and patient tutor who is clearly passionate about his subjects and helping his students reach their goals.

He managed to coach our son, encouraging him, challenging him and getting him engaged and actually enjoying the work."

Paul, Broadwater (Sussex)

Year 7 / Year 8 parent

"My daughter's English language and creative thinking has improved vastly

She enjoys her sessions. I would highly recommend Ryan."

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