Creative Thrills and Reading Skills

Cast your mind back to your favourite English lesson... Were you feeling supercharged, excited and extra motivated?

I create exciting KS2 reading and writing lessons that connect with children on a real, human, personal level and build from their passions and goals.

šŸŒž Year 3 to Year 6
šŸŒž online and 1:1
šŸŒž writing support
šŸŒž reading support

I have a degree in English literature & education (BA Hons) and 5 years of tutoring / in-school teaching assistant experience.

Celebrating Creativity!

When I was a teaching assistant in primary schools, I could see just how creative and innovative children are. 

It was a shame to see this squeezed out of their school curriculum as I believe our poets, artists and musicians add vibrancy to the world.

How wonderful would it be to encourage the next J.K. Rowling or Roald Dahl? šŸŽØ

Pictured: Oscar and Alex absorbed in an atlas of Britain. Where might they be inspired to explore?

I began tutoring to celebrate children's imaginations with creative writing, thought-provoking discussions and inspiring stories & poems.

Latest from my Blog

Really proud of Morgan in Year 5! He was so focused on his writing in our lesson and he came up with some brilliant ideas!

As I walked through the wrought iron Victorian gate, my head was filled with a whirlwind of emotions and possibilities. This was my first day at primary school and I could only dream about what was in store.

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Connect, Enjoy, Thrive!

I build each student's lessons around their interests, their passions and their goals because I'm always thrilled to see them flourish when they feel valued and included.

For that added fun-factor, I also infuse their lessons with enjoyable songs, quizzes and games. šŸŽ²

I enjoy playing Spelling Battleships with my learnersbut... I can count on one hand how many times I've actually managed to win!

Pictured: My ever-cheerful learner Josh, practising his Year 6 words whilst on holiday.

I love helping a child to create the most imaginative and breath-taking fiction. Having to pick up my jaw from the floor is a delightful consequence!

Claire, Rotherham (Yorkshire)

Year 4 / Year 5 parent

Ryan's sessions are always fun, interesting and informative.

He has an ability to hold Josh's attention throughout sessions.

We would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to help improve their child's learning.

Katherine Rose, Rustington (West Sussex)

Year 11 parent

Ryan is a gentle, kind and patient tutor.

He is clearly passionate about his subjects and helping his students reach their goals.

He managed to coach our son, encouraging him, challenging him and getting him engaged and actually enjoying the work.

Paul, Broadwater (West Sussex)

Year 7 / Year 8 parent

My daughter's English language and creative thinking has improved vastly. 

She enjoys her sessions. I would highly recommend Ryan.

Pictured: Gracie, in Year 3, having a brilliant time reading whilst camping. Here she is using her lantern to light up the pages! 

Booking your Place

If you'd like to discuss English tutoring for your child, I'd love to have a chat with you about it.

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