Boosting your child's creative writing skills in Steyning, Shoreham & Henfield

Making Writing Exciting!

🌞 Poetry & story-writing

🌞 For 8-12 year olds

🌞 For struggling writers

 ✅ 1:1 lessons right from your living room!

Ryan's Unique Approach

🌟 A Break from School Routines

We'll play ball games and literacy-based escape rooms to get the heart pumping and make the learning stick.

🌟 Celebrating Creativity

Your child will love entering creative writing competitions, where they can show off their talents and boost their confidence.

🌟 A Fun Twist on the Curriculum

You won't want to miss our rapping lessons to revise for the Year 6 SATs!

🌟 Tailored Especially to Your Child

Each lesson is built around topics your child loves. The hardest part is getting them to put their pencil down at the end!

I'm thrilled to let you know that booking your free consultation just got a whole lot easier. Whether you're itching to boost your child's creative writing skills this term or during the summer holidays, you'll now find a shiny new calendar to pick the perfect time for you.

This cracked me up! One of my students opened the thesaurus to this page, sneezed loudly, and said, "It's my hay fever!" Have you ever met someone with hay fever so intense they sneeze just looking at a picture of a flower? 🤣

What Makes Me Tick?

When I was a teaching assistant, I was always amazed by the creativity kids brought to their writing.

Unfortunately, with creativity being squeezed out of the curriculum, one in three children are not gaining the writing skills they need for secondary school and beyond*. 😱

That's where I come in! With my English degree and a passion for storytelling, I'm here to help children become confident and skilled writers - all while having lots of fun!

Ryan Cannell (that's me!)
Ryan Cannell (that's me!)

*National Literacy Trust, June 2024

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Rich, Storrington

Year 3 AND Year 4


"Our son's confidence in his English ability was improved by working with Ryan, who helped him to enjoy his work. Thank you Ryan!"

Lucy, Shoreham

Year 4 TO Year 6


"Ryan is a great support to my 9 year old son. He keeps him entertained and engaged and comes up with different spelling games which my son loves!"

Claire, Online

Year 4 AND Year 5


"Ryan has been an absolute saviour. He is polite, punctual and has an ability to hold Josh's attention throughout sessions.

His sessions are always fun, interesting and informative. We would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to help improve their child's learning."

Lala, Online

Year 6 (SATs)


"Ryan has been a brilliant tutor for my 11 year old son. His lessons are fun and very interactive.

Before working with Ryan, he didn't like writing and couldn't express his thoughts on paper well.

Now he enjoys writing stories and I enjoy reading them. Thank you Ryan!"

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