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Looking for a passionate and experienced tutor to build your child’s confidence and enjoyment of creative writing, spelling and grammar?

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Has your child fallen behind since the school closures? 

Many parents are noticing that their children are struggling with handwriting, spelling, and comprehension after lockdown.

The good news is that your child's confidence can be rebuilt with time, patience and the right support.

Is your child finding it difficult to understand literacy? 

It's amazing how well learning flourishes once children are placed at the heart of the lesson.

I believe that the most enjoyable, effective and meaningful lessons succeed when children can really feel that they are included.

Is your child tuning-out and often missing key information? 

I plan every lesson around each child's individual interests and add exciting games, quizzes and songs to help with engagement.

My bespoke tutoring creates a fun and creative space where children can learn, laugh and love literacy.

I love helping a child to create the most imaginative and breath-taking fiction. Having to pick up my jaw from the floor is a delightful consequence!

That was definitely my favourite part of working in primary schools as a 1:1 teaching assistant too.

I have a passion for the English language, taking it as far as my degree in English Literature and Education (BA Hons).

I also avoid boring 'one-size fits all' teaching and create fun, personalised learning where every child benefits.

Did you know..?
The word 'flourish' comes from the Latin word for 'flower' or 'blossom'. 🌼 

Best of my Blog

This week's TEACH ME TUESDAY is about how the news can help boost young people's literacy. I know we're all 'newsed out' at the moment, but this is a fun activity that can have some really positive developments.

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Talking Tigers Book Club 🐯

This is not the boring book club that you might have tried once, this is all about FUN FUN FUN!

There'll be games and exciting activities and best of all, your child will get to choose a book that they actually want to read. It's not homework, it's a celebration of reading!

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What Parents are Saying...

Claire, Rotherham (Yorkshire)

Parent of a child in Year 4 / Year 5

"Ryan has been an absolute saviour during this difficult and unpredictable time. His his sessions are always fun, interesting and informative.

We would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to help improve their child's learning."

Paul, Broadwater (West Sussex)

Parent of a child in Year 7 / Year 8

"Ryan ensures the sessions are structured and he sets homework to compliment the learning. My daughter's English language and creative thinking has improved vastly. She enjoys her sessions. I would highly recommend Ryan."

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