Why did the chicken cross the road? Because there was more memorable learning on the other side! 🐔

OK, that wasn't very rib-tickling, but why is humour so appealing and how important is it for learning?

I've been a massive fan of the sitcom 'Frasier' since I was at school. Rewatching it now as an adult, I'm just as astounded with the wit and the silliness of the writers and stars. I haven't seen some episodes since the first time all those years ago and I remember the beats as if I'd watched them yesterday.

So, what makes 'Frasier' so memorable for me? We best remember what we connect with emotionally - for better or for worse - and some of the most recognised playwrights in history have used humour to engage us and to help share their message.

When we're laughing - whether to Frasier's antics, Shakespeare's wordplay, or to a teacher's funny story - we're relaxing and we're listening (pardon the Frasier pun!)


If a child is being drawn away from their learning by their emotions - using humour to diffuse stress and boost happiness helps to set them up nicely for the lesson, and they'll be more likely to feel motivated and creative.

Developing humour also trains us to think on our feet, build our relationships and to laugh at our mistakes.

Life really is better when we're laughing! 

How much humour was there in your school?