5 Tips for Home-Learning Success


Whether you're a home-school veteran or just while the schools are closed, make it a success with these top tips.

1.  Enjoyable learning is productive learning

I've always believed learning should be fun, now more than ever. There's plenty to be learned from puzzle books, board games, gardening, shopping and cooking. Something as simple as 'I Spy' can help your child with their reading, writing and spelling skills, for example. It's also nice to get out and about (if it's not too cold!) and there's plenty to discover at the National Trust, English Heritage, Woodland Trust and RSPB.

2.  Timetables aren't just for trains!

Does your child work best early in the mornings? Or will they still be deep in their slumber - not to be awoken by a hurricane or an Iron Maiden concert?! Talk through a timetable together, the routine will help them feel more secure knowing what they'll be doing now and next. If you're working from home, it might help to keep the timetable a little more flexible.

3.  Homes are not schools (and that can be a good thing)

While you might not always be able to do what Mrs Brown does in her classroom (she deserves a medal, right?), you know your child better than anyone else, and chances are you already know what motivates them and what excites them. Work within your resources and abilities and remember... BBC Bitesize is your friend!

4.  A problem shared is a problem halved

This past year has changed just about every aspect of our lives, so take it easy it on yourself. You might notice your child's behaviour is different to normal, and this might be because they're feeling uncertain about going back to school. Talking to them about how they're feeling will really help them to be in the best place to learn.

5.  Relax

You are amazing and are doing a brilliant job (you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't). These aren't normal times, but we're all in this together. The most important thing is that you and your child are happy!

For more advice about looking after you and your child's mental health, check out the NHS's Every Mind Matters.

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I believe learning should be fun and tailor-made for my students. I have four very enjoyable years as a teaching assistant in schools and a degree in English literature and education (BA Hons). 

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