Josh's Homework Checklist

Session 1

  • Have I practised my spellings?
  • Have I practised my handwriting?


  1. height
  2. increase
  3. guard
  4. interest
  5. knowledge
  6. imagine
  7. favourite

Fun Links

Homework for school

  • Have I finished all my homework for the week?

See you again at half term!

Your pumpkin carvings look incredible and really spooky!

Josh's Achievements

16th October 2020

Another fun-packed day! Well done with all your maths, that game seemed fun! I bet that Subordinate Clause song is stuck in your head now - I know it's stuck in mine! You're flying through your spellings, really well done!

15th October 2020

What a great result in your spellings, Josh! You should be really pleased. Your effort with some very tricky maths was brilliant too.

14th October 2020

Well done on your great work on comparison, sum and difference. I can see you really enjoyed researching the Greek science!

13th October 2020

Well done for your brilliant effort in such a packed morning! You've really improved your chart-making skills and you easily used your subordinating conjunctions. You also made a cracking start on your research!

12th October 2020

Well done planning your story - I like that your planet has a smile! Brilliant maths today too, remember if you reverse the calculation you reverse the operation too.

9th October 2020

A brilliant attempt at the Inferno maths questions today! Well done for also doing so well in your spellings, Josh.

8th October 2020

Well done for finishing your newspaper article - I loved that simile! Fantastic effort with that really tricky maths too!

7th October 2020

Fantastic effort for the whole two hours! Well done learning about relative clauses and using them in your own writing. I enjoyed you bringing your own knowledge to the learning about the moon's phases.

4th September 2020

3 spellings mastered today Josh, that's brilliant! Great work on the character profile, and I can't wait to hear your story about Santa's brother Tom and his adventures in Lapland.

3rd September 2020

Fantastic writing today, Josh. Great focus on the questions, and some really brilliant answers!

1st September 2020

Well done for building on your knowledge of fractions today, Josh. I can tell you've been practising your spellings too, three correct and 1 mastered!

27th August 2020

Great learning of symmetry and polygons today, Josh. Well done for also mastering the word 'centre' in your spellings!