Homework 101 for Grown-Ups

Helpful and reliable information for parents and guardians

Are you baffled by fronted adverbials or think 'onomatopoeia' might be a reason to phone into work sick? You're not alone! 

What is it?

Quite a bit of what our children are learning was never taught when we were at school. Not to mention, we've all had a few birthdays since then - we can't be expected to remember everything!

Whether it's information on grammar, writing or a classic novel (that we all pretend to have read but haven't got round to yet), Homework 101 for Grown-Ups has got you covered.

Get clued-up live on a video call with friendly and patient guidance. Be informed through email with a choice of shorter (Bitesize) or longer (In Depth) answers. Overflow with knowledge with a subscription. 

How much does it cost?

Learn over Zoom: From £10 - £25 a session

Ask a Question: From £2 a question sent by email

Subscription: £60 a month (includes two hour sessions, and up to five questions sent by email)  

What's Learn over Zoom?

Learn over Zoom is a live video lesson learning about your chosen topic.

You can choose a bitesize 20-minute session or a more in depth hour session.

What's Ask a Question?

Ask a Question is a convenient way of finding out more about your chosen topic by email.

Mention if you'd like a Bitesize Reply (for £2) or an In Depth Reply (for £5).

What's the subscription? 

The monthly subscription includes two hours of Learn over Zoom sessions and five Ask a Question emails.

Join Homework 101 for Grown-Ups to be one step ahead of your child's education and help guide them to boost their learning.